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Sieze the Opportunity!!!

fishThis summer, a magical experience happened. I swam with wild dolphins in the Caribbean Sea, but I almost missed it!

From where I had sat safely in the boat, watching the dolphins occasionally leap into the air was more than satisfying – – really. BUT, my friends were IN the ocean actually swimming with the dolphins while I simply observed.And, it looked like fun. ‘Should I get in too?’I asked myself and then hesitated. ‘Would it be worth the effort (getting on the snorkel gear and life vest )? …Would the dolphins still be there after I geared up or would I just miss my chance? …Could seeing them below the waves really be much different than from the boat?’ Yes!I decided and dove in.

What I saw beneath the surface took my breath away. The two dolphins swam, cuddled, and played side by side in the warm water, their home. The love received from the dolphins and from watching their love between each other still fills me with emotions as I write this.

Shortly after I got in, they swam away but not before giving a final leap as if to say ‘good-bye’.

I learned a lot about myself that day. Mainly, that I may always hesitate before diving into a something new like writing a book or creating meaningful products – that’s just me. But, I won’t ever question again if it will be worth the time and effort. This experience taught me that it always is and always will be.

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