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The Gift of Writing

I have lived in three foreign countries and traveled all around the world, but the biggest adventure of my life came from writing a novel.

Everyone says that they want to write a book, but most people never begin. Many who begin never finish, and many who finish never publish – and on and on.  You get it. I’m glad that I started and finished my novel, but little did I know that it would bring me on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and connection.

I wrote my novel freestyle without an outline, so my subconscious thoughts spilled from my head to the paper.  This made for a cathartic writing process and unwrapped past events previously buried – deeply.  As I unearthed the past, the opportunity to process and heal it arose. Furthermore, through my characters’ lives, I worked on my own insecurities and family issues – which resulted in closer family ties.

Not only did writing help strengthen family bonds, surprisingly my love life improved. Vicariously through the fictional scenarios, I reflected on and analyzed my own romantic life. I carefully narrated an ideal romance, and unwittingly turned the act of writing love scenes into a manifestation practice.  I wrote of a love, a life and friends that I wished to have (at the time I had just moved to a new city and didn’t have a social life at all) and in turn, my wishes began to materialize.

Specifically, my writing journey improved my dating life! To be a good writer, you should never give up all the story at once – instead, one should tease and sometimes let the reader figure things out for themselves.  This is also a good rule to apply to any dating strategy -a little bit of mystery never hurts! You know what else helped in this area? Cultivating my feminine energy.

Some experts say that being creative taps into the divine feminine. I believe this to be true and that creating art aligned me more with my feminine side and opened me to new energy in love and in life. I’m still a go-getter, but instead of using masculine energy, like many women do, to achieve, I now tap into my softer energy and have more balance.

As noted above, my personal life improved due to my writing journey. However, the other side to being successful in writing is public. Equally as important to becoming a good writer is becoming a good marketer.  Although a solitary act, writing cannot be successful without a community of support – with awareness, your book will be read.  As a private person, this remains the most difficult part of the writing journey and a business aspect of which I had little previous knowledge.

However, the marketing process – in my attempt to be known locally – gave me an acceptable reason to leave my laptop.  Knowing success required that I ‘put myself out there’ for the novel, I connected with complete strangers to tell them about my work.  That helped me grow deeper roots into my new city; strangers became friends and friendships blossomed from the new connections.  For example, a brunch I organized to discuss my novel turned to Happy Hours which turned into birthday celebrations and more. So almost magically, I have been able to manifest great friendships in a new city just like the friendships that I wrote about.  My new friends and I even committed to reuniting in the year 2020 like the epic promise made by my characters!

A writing journey can take one to many great places, but when the idea that hits you like lightning and the passion fades, you must be prepared.  This path is not meant for everyone; but, it was meant for me. The journey took me into my new life and helped me craft a living that I love.  Through writing, I discovered, healed, and developed a sense of community. I had no idea how much a novel would change my life. Writing has been my gift.

M.L. Wonder is the author of Tenth Year in the Sun available on Amazon!

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